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List Of Adult Affiliate Programs By Niche / Fetish
How To Promote Adult Affiliate Programs. There are many ways to promote the adult affiliate programs. Basically, any way you can get traffic to click on a link and register is a method of promoting an affiliate program.
Top 7+ Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks {Updated 2019}
CPAmatica is one of those best adult affiliate networks that have a passion and strive for affiliate marketing and provides proven adult affiliate programs. They have recently revamped their CPA affiliate panel and redesigned their complete website with a new stunning look.
Adult Affiliate Programs 2019
Some of the best sites on the market, including video chat, adult match making, branded personal sites, adult mega sites. But what really makes this program better than average is the webcams they own the most popular web cam website.
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Our affiliate program offers a 50% revshare and a PPI plans. And a 10% referral program, of course! SensualTension is an adult affiliate program with 4 100% exclusive sites (as of February, 2018) created by a French sex coach and porn actor Jean-Marie Corda.